Radio Hi-Tec // Guest DJ's Jaydee @ Buurman van Dalen Wk45 2018

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Guest DJ's Jaydee @ Buurman van Dalen Wk45 2018

On Tuesday 06 November 2018 12:19 CET by Michel de Winter



Robin Albers, the Netherlands.
Albers is a regular DJ at Utrecht, Holland’s Vlanen venue.
Jaydee’s beautiful trance cut ‘Plastic Dreams’ crossed over massively on the Belgian R&S Records label in 1993, with its distinctive Hammond B3 organ signature.
It was his first release; previously he had been three times winner of the Dutch arm-wrestling championship, and a member of the national baseball team.
Since the early 80s he had worked on Dutch radio, proffering a critically lauded selection of house music.
He turned to recording when his radio show was axed.
After ‘Plastic Dreams’, the first release on the reactivated UK arm of R&S, he also released the ‘Acceleration By Trance’ 12-inch as Graylock on Logic Records’ Save The Vinyl imprint.
Far from usual rave convention, this contained the ominous ‘Everybody Feel Free’ warning on the flipside.
This boasted a spoken word narrative on the dangers of E, which also plotted Alders’ semi-autobiographical downfall through the drug.
A second Graylock release, ‘The Movement’, emerged on Belgium’s Mental Radio Records, before he returned as Jaydee for ‘The Hunter’ for Dutch label Clubstitute.


Buurman van Dalen:

Buurman van Dalen's musical career started in 1995. As a DJ he played in clubs and at different parties.
In 2002 he decided to focus on producing his own songs.
After playing in several studio formations he turned to his favorite genre: house music.
Buurman's distinctive sound is defined by deep tech house combined with spherical soundscapes.

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