Radio Hi-Tec // Guest DJ Laurens Martin Wk48 2018

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Guest DJ Laurens Martin Wk48 2018

On Tuesday 27 November 2018 17:44 CET by Michel de Winter

Laurens Martin,

Born in Amsterdam on the 21st of December 1985. The longest night of the year and probably the reason why the rhythm of the night flows through the vanes of this DJ.

As a boy, he already wanted to be the centre of attention as he wanted to entertain. At the age of 12 he began a drive-inn show and performed as an all-round dj, spinning all kinds of music. To exploit his hobby being a sound & vision engineer he got the possibility to work in clubs like "DE RECHTER" and "CLUB REMBRANDT" where he met the dj’s who played the music he loves so much today, the "HOUSE" music.
there's no real genre that he play's, but as he says himself (i like it simple, not to overproduced, house used to have a kick, a clap, a couple of hats, a bassline piano and some horns. and kept the club pumping).

What can we expect in the near future of Laurens Martin? He will create his own music. and if you want 2 hear him play, he's clubresident @palijssoestdijk2 or book him

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