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Artistname: PETTŲ
Name: Sebastian Tarantino
Country: NO
Website: #

PETTØ, the moniker of Sebastian Tarantino, is an emerging artist on the Norwegian electronic scene.
His passion for music began many years ago when he lived in Argentina, listening bands as Kiss, Metallica, Nirvana, Bestie Boys, Public Enemy, House of Pain among others;
but, he realized his real desire was to experiment into the electronic music when he listened for first-time Daft Punk album debut Homework in 1997.
However, was in 2006, after years of engineering studies, when he decided to jump into the Djing and bought his first set of decks, organized several private parties and played in some clubs in Argentina’s Capital City.
The start of 2012 has seen PETTØ moving to Trondheim in Norway, where together with some friends created a yearly party at Lobbyen in Svartlamon, which the 2015 edition bring together Djs from Spain, Argentina and Norway.
The end of 2016 PETTØ started his own productions, both his Dj sets and productions are characterized by Techno and Tech-house styles, having an infectious groove with some darkness in it.
Nowadays he is based in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
PETTØ best side can be seen and ear in his presentations and productions, so no best advice than experience it by yourself.

P E T T Ø Upcoming Gigs:
Wed 21 February, 18 Radio Hi-Tec, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Sat 10 March, 18 Yes It's Loud Enough, Trondheim, Norway

Last gigs:
Fri 05 January, 18 Banger @ Casa Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sat 09 December, 17 Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway
Fri 08 December, 17 KunstSkole, Stavanger, Norway
Sat 28 October, 17 Halloween Party, Stavanger, Norway
Fri 27 October, 17 Halloweird, Cementen, Stavanger, Norway
Sat 14 October, 17 Earth is Flat, Klubb Sting, Stavanger, Norway
Sat 23 September, 17 Yes Its Loud Enough, Red Zone, Trondheim, Norway
Sat 16 September, 17Klubbur Prequinox, Stavanger, Norway
Sat 26 August, 17 Groovy Rooftop Party, Comfort Hotel, Stavanger, Norway
Sat 11 August, 17 Klubb Sting, Stavanger, Norway
Fri 14 July, 17 Klubb Sting, Stavanger, Norway
Sat 24 June, 17 Burning Man, Stavanger, Norway Sat 10 June, 17 Yes Its Loud Enough, Verkstedhallen & Lobbyen, Trondheim, Norway
Sat 03 June, 17 Musikkfest Stavanger 2017, Tou Scene: Teltet at 22.15, Stavanger, Norway